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About Leon.

The Expert Adviser

I have more than 25 years of experience helping non-profits and private businesses grow and thrive financially and organizationally by ensuring that they are well funded, well managed and well respected. 


I am a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with expertise in leadership, strategic planning, operations, and fundraising.  My whole focus is on helping you be more effective today than you were yesterday. 


I bring my energy and skills as a trainer and facilitator to work with teams of all types – including inter-generational, inter-faith and cross-disciplinary – to identify and resolve the challenges that often prevent you from achieving success.


My consulting philosophy is based on “respect.” Strongly influenced by my grandparents, I believe in integrity and the importance helping others. Organizations thrive when they are rooted in respect – for their colleagues and the people they serve.


I am the proud father of 4 with the puns to prove it.  I spent the pandemic learning to be a long-distance runner (up to 4 miles a day) and how to be a better spouse and friend.  Every situation has a correct hat and I strive to bring joy into my everyday work.  I believe when we all get to be our full selves, we get the best results.


I also believe in sharing with the broader community, by serving on boards, volunteering and coaching youth sports.  

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