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Financial Strategies.

Non-profit organizations often struggle to manage day-to-day operations while also investing resources in their financial development and sustainability. Financial success means building a better budget over time, developing diverse revenue streams, and creating space for disappointments as much as pleasant surprises. The bottom line: convert your deficit to a surplus. 

I focus on helping you optimize your financial, human, facility, and technology resources to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. 

Areas of focus include: 

  • Evaluating sustainability of existing and potential programs

  • Conducting financial audits to identify areas of stress and develop areas of improvement 

  • Assessing and optimizing employee benefits 

  • Guiding community conversations to imagine new sources of revenue


Examples of Achievements 

  • Eliminated over $360,000 in debt in 30 months for a theatre in Maryland while elevating the salaries across the organization

  • Transitioned a defined benefit retirement program into a defined contribution program, while reducing the existing obligation by over $1.3M (44% of the obligation) for a $9M non-profit

  • Maintained strict budget control contributing to an annual surplus for 8 consecutive years (from $125,000 to $600,000) for a theatre in Washington, DC

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