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Interim Leadership.

When someone leaves their non-profit, most organizations either ask over-worked staff to take on extra work or let certain areas “slide” until there is a new person in hired.  From notice of resignation to the new person's first day, it takes, on average, eight weeks to fill the position.  

Senior positions take even longer, where stopgaps are not feasible and often detrimental to the organization.

As a specialist in Interim Leadership, I can keep the organization moving forward through these periods of transition.  The primary goal of an interim leader is to provide the time and space to hire the right person.

I bring a wide skillset, knowledge, and expertise in the realm of nonprofit management.  This allows me to jump-in immediately, requiring only a bare minimum of orientation to all the intricacies of the organization. 

With 25 years of financial administration, 20 years of operations, a generalist certificate in HR, and a Certified Fund Raising Executive, I excel at serving as an Interim Finance Officer, Interim Operations and Interim Executive Director.

A Standard Engagement includes:

  • Assessing what coverage is needed

  • Obtaining access to software and files

  • Creating a transition work plan

  • Serving as Interim 

  • Documenting the job description and procedures

  • Training the permanent hire

Douglas Yeuell - Executive Director, The Atlas Performing Arts Center

“Anxiousness and frustration on my end were high.  Leon put all my concerns at bay, approached every situation and deliverable with a calm and confident demeanor.  He truly was a godsend during a great time of need for the organization.”  
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