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Analysis/Strategic Planning.

To Succeed, a non-profit must “say what they do and do what they say.”  At the same time, when focused on the daily tasks, it’s easy to lose sight of priorities and keep everything on track.  


First and foremost, a non-profit needs a clearly articulated North Star so that everyone involved is moving toward.  In addition, they need to regularly evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing.


My work in assessment, facilitation, and strategic planning helps organizations take a hard look at themselves by researching and presenting key information so they can be a more effective organization tomorrow than they are today.  


I focus on helping you clarifying your mission and/or optimize your financial, human, facility, and technology resources to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. 

Areas of focus include: 

  • Strategic Plans

  • Evaluating sustainability of existing and potential programs

  • Conducting financial audits to identify areas of stress and develop areas of improvement 

  • Assessing and optimizing employee benefits 

  • Guiding community conversations to imagine new sources of revenue


Examples of Achievements 

  • Eliminated over $360,000 in debt in 30 months for a theatre in Maryland while elevating the salaries across the organization

  • Transitioned a defined benefit retirement program into a defined contribution program, while reducing the existing obligation by over $1.3M (44% of the obligation) for a $9M non-profit

  • Developed more than 20 strategic plans in partnership with organization leadership and community stakeholders 

Douglas Miller - Former Superintendent, East Coloma SD #12

“He has the ability to break an issue down into workable parts and at the same time taking a step back to see the larger issue.”  
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