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Organization Realignment.

Today’s non-profits and private, mission-driven companies often struggle to elevate brand, recruit and retain staff, cost-effectively implement IT infrastructure, and engage potential partners. 

I focus on conducting organizational audits, diagnosing barriers to success, developing and prescribing plans to address them and, as needed, implementing these resolutions. I can help you ensure your goals and mission align with your organization.

Areas of focus include:

  • Human resources process and procedures

  • Financial process and procedures

  • Management training

  • Strategic planning

  • Fundraising strategies

  • Brand strategy


Examples of Achievements 

  • Designed restructure plans for over 30 organizations to improve operations 

  • Converted an annual deficit of over $600,000 to a surplus of over $200,000 while raising salaries for lowest 25% of staff for a Yeshiva in the Greater Washington, DC area

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